Translator Team

Do you need a translator for your meeting?

or do you need an interpreter?

In a nutshell, the consecutive interpreter waits while you are speaking and
the simultaneous interpreter speaks while you are speaking.
Consecutive interpreting...
Simultaneous interpreting...
is a personal, sentence-by-sentence solution - ideal for small meetings.
Conversations between two or several people can be handled by a knowledgeable, professional interpreter who is capable of conveying the nuances of the dialogue quickly and accurately.

Whether it is a guided leisure tour/bargain hunt or a face-to-face business negotiation between executives who don't understand one another's language, consecutive interpreting makes smooth and comfortable dialogue possible between all parties.
is real-time translation through a loop system with no pauses.
In a bi- or multi-lingual meeting, this is the most effective solution.

It's quick.

Your time is

Your audience will be at ease because they are working in their own language.
Often, if it's not on the invitation card, non-English speakers won't even show up.
Telephone interpreting
Technical Resources
On-line telephone interpreting for teleconferencing, customer service, and field service support. Connections can be established at short notice. Some of MediaCom's simultaneous interpreters have already been interpreting all-day - remotely, from anywhere in the world. This is the future!
We offer an extensive range of facilities and resources - mobile booths, ear-pieces, headsets, all connections etc.

Even at very short notice.
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"Thank you for your suberb interpreting on Monday and Tuesday..."