Translator Team

Hungarian antiques expert
We appreciate how busy you are when visiting Hungary.

We are very much aware that the language barrier must be bridged when you look for bargains.

We know what you want!
The assistance of:
•  a local/guide who can help you make the best use of your precious time
•  a person who speaks 'Antiquese'
•  an individual who knows where to pick up bargains
•  someone who is familiar with current Hungarian Customs and VAT refund regulations in Hungary
•  a clerk who will assist you in shipping.
We've got the right person for you:
•  a Hungarian<>English translator who has been into antiques for decades.
•  a person who regularly frequents major antiques auctions in Budapest.
•  a collector who developed a genuine interest in antiques.
•  who often hunts Budapest's flea markets for rarities.
Your consultant is ready to:
•  provide you with bi-lingual assistance
•  translate classified ads for you
•  go through antiques catalogs with you
•  schedule appointments for you with art dealers
•  give you tips on hard-to-find items
•  take you to antique shops, so getting around in Budapest becomes hassle free for you.
...and what's more important, the translator only charges EUR 250 a day.
Contact us
and we'll schedule your guide/consultant for a full business day
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Phone: +36 309 826 286
Fax: +361 2608339
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We would like to hear about your interests so that the translator/expert may be prepared for your visit

carpets, rugs

clocks, watches, timepieces

folk/traditional costume


firearms, guns, swords

stamps, philately

books, documents, prints, letters

dolls, figurines

coins, numismatic, currency

porcelain, pottery, ceramics, china, dinnerware

political memorabilia

fine art, sculpture, paintings


gramophones, music boxes, phonographs

glass, glassware

accessories for garden