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Your business may jump borders, but are you coming up against a language barrier?

Here's how you can climb over that barrier:
What do you do if you log on to a site in a foreign language - hit the Back button?

To stay competitive in this global village, your message, your vision, and your software products have to be easily understood by all prospects, regardless of their language or culture.

An example of a bilingual site

Hungarian language site
English language site
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Bit-by-bit Local Adaptation
For starters, we can localise just a part of your site.

Once sales are up, the rest of your site could be localised too. You don't have to be a giant, we also serve small businesses and home businesses.
Is your site talking about baseball cards? Or fortune cookies?

A lot of countries in the world wouldn't know what you are talking about.

Translation is not just a word-for-word activity.

We take into account legal, cultural, social differences. Our translation of your site will look and feel right in your target country.
Hungarian Search Engines
TranslatorTeam overwrites your text and replaces it with the Hungarian equivalent. Your formatting and your original details stay the same. We also translate the hidden text on your web-page.

We will register your localized site with the growing number of Hungarian Search Engines and Directories.
Vizsla, Index, Matilda Hungary, The Hungary Page, HuDir, HuWho,, Hungarian YellowPages, Orientation Hungary,, Heuréka,,, KulcsSzó,, Elender Kincskereső, HIX, FotexNet, YaHun, Wahoo
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Have your site or application localised - drive your sales figures up.